Marie Claire Ouellette


Marie Claire Ouellette, Principal at Malmaison Advisers, is a retired senior officer of the Canadian Armed Forces who after serving with the Militia in the province of Quebec for 12 years, spent 20 years with the Royal Canadian Air Force in Germany, Ottawa and Toronto.  Following her retirement, she was selected for the position of Director HR Programs with the CF Morale and Welfare Services where she remained for close to seven years. It is in 2014 that she started her own consulting business where she has since provided support and services to organizations such as Valoris for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell, the Conference of Defence Associations Institute and Canada Company for their Military Employment Transition program. She currently is Canada Company's Managing Director.

Over the years Marie Claire operated in Human Resources, Talent Management, corporate services and change management for federal government organizations big and small. Her experience includes research, review, development, planning, coordination and implementation of strategies, programs and projects related to human resources and corporate services.  She worked in a variety of federal departments, divisions and units ranging from 10 to 18,000 employees in Canada and abroad, and representing a wide spectrum of capabilities including staff of the non-public funds, public servants, the Canadian Armed Forces, Defence in general, Information Management, corporate services as well as Boards of Directors and volunteer councils.

She is a highly motivated, well organized and innovative leader with extensive experience. Marie Claire is proficient at creative problem solving, risk management has successfully led teams and projects.

Marie Claire holds a Master’s certificate in Project Management for Information Technology from Université du Québec en Outaouais as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Military Arts & Science from the Royal Military College of Canada.  She is a member of the Council of Governors of Commissionaires Ottawa.